Our Mission Old

"Build products that our clients can confidently put their trust in and that reliably deliver on our promises of quality, functionality, design, and longevity."



Building the next generation go-to-brand for reliable and durable leather goods and apparel handmade in Germany

We pride ourselves in choosing superior materials of the highest standards, selecting the best hardware as well as building our products with quality in mind at every step. But it wouldn`t be complete, if we would not equally care for a purpose-driven, yet uniquely attractive design, that sets itself apart and that confidently claims its presence when worn or carried. This is where we believe in the great character of our products. A character that stands its ground, that does not give in, that knows its purpose, its strengths and that executes on it to accomplish its mission.


Precision craft, consistency and fair working conditions matter to us

We work with trusted and established manufacturers in Germany that embody honest and reliable quality-work. These manufacturers are not in the game to make a buck and disappear. They are in it to win it, day after day, generation after generation. It is their commitment and passion to continously produce the best quality that connects with Mainka and that results in leather goods and apparel that unfailingly deliver. 


Know the difference between a traditionally priced product and our price

We are here to disrupt the traditional retail industry pricing model and create a fair price environment that benefits both the makers and the consumers. By selling our products directly to you, we can offer our products at a fair price, saving you from paying heafty markups of agents and retail shop owners that don't add any value to the product. In the traditional retail pricing model products are marked up 5-8 times from their original cost of goods. We sell our products at a markup of 3 from the original cost of goods.